Frey & Weiss E-Newsletter – July 2019

AS9100 Certification Process Update

At Frey & Weiss, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our goal in obtaining AS9100 certification is to continuously improve and monitor our internal processes while ensuring product reliability. Our quality procedures have been approved, and as of June 24th our quality system is now live (the company will be operating on a released quality manual). We expect our initial AS9100 audit in late fall, followed by a stage 2 audit at the end of the year and subsequent certification.

Meet the Frey & Weiss Team

David Patton
Operator and Setup Machinist
Employed 6 years at Frey & Weiss

David PattonDavid is a member of our NC Milling department at Frey & Weiss. He is responsible for setting up work orders, running production, and recently started getting involved in programming. He started working for Frey and Weiss in 2013, and over that time he’s displayed consistent advancement in his skills and knowledge of the machining industry, as well as completing the “Introductory CNC Training Program” and the “Advanced G-Code Programming” course at TMA (Technology & Manufacturing Association) . He plans on continuing his education by finishing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. David enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring Chicago with his friends, and loves working out.

Sunil Patel
Employed 3 years at Frey & Weiss

Sunil PatelAs a second shift operator, Sunil is responsible for production, along with other supporting processes including saw cutting, deburring and sand blasting. He pays close attention to ensuring that manufacturing target times and deadlines are met. Sunil recently completed the “Related Theory Apprentice Training” course at TMA which provides him with an excellent foundation for continued growth and advancement within the company. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.