Frey & Weiss E-Newsletter – April 2019

Frey & Weiss Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Looking back and looking forward….

Ernie Pabon
President & Sales

Ernie PabonWe at Frey & Weiss are very proud to be celebrating 50 years in the business of precision machining parts. As we enter the next 50 years, the message from our founders Adolf Frey and Helmut Weiss has not been lost, “Be fair, be proud of your work, always give 100% and don’t ever forget that a happy customer will be our path to success.”

Frey & Weiss has evolved over the years from a manual equipment job shop in 1969, to a state-of-the-art facility with CNC equipment, automation, an ERP system, and inventory controls that will allow us to successfully move into the next 50 years servicing the precision machining industry with customers worldwide.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to the future.

Susan Ralph
Vice President & Finance

Susan RalphI have been fortunate to have enjoyed 40 years of the company’s 50 years in existence, and especially lucky that I shared 20 of those years with my father and co-founder, Adolf Frey. My father passed away in 2017 and would have been so proud and amazed at the growth and evolution of Frey & Weiss today.

The past 20 years, Adolf would come into my office, which was previously his office, and ask me “how is it going? What’s new here at F&W and how is the money situation.” Maybe he would ask about my daughters, or we would discuss what has changed at the company, new equipment, new software, new customers, new employees, among many other things. He would say he is happy that we are in charge, and hearing that was truly gratifying.

Much has changed over the years but we have successfully navigated the challenges of the industry and continued to thrive as a company. However, many of the same things continue to drive us, and I hope will continue to move us into the future. Our dedicated and highly skilled employees, continuous improvement in our operations, our commitment to our customers, our hard work, and our striving to provide the best customer service through our manufacturing services, sales, operations and financial responsibilities. I truly feel “WE can make it happen”.

I look forward to helping lead the 3rd generation of Frey & Weiss, and in the future coming to visit and asking “what’s new at F&W?”

Linda Rosenberg
Vice President & Operations

Linda RosenbergMany years ago I was given an opportunity to work at Frey & Weiss by my father, Adolf Frey. At that time everything in the front office was done by pencil and paper. One of my first jobs was collecting the data from the shop floor which was written on paper cards. Copies of blueprints had to be made and stamped with the quantities and delivery dates, and outside processes were highlighted. This was a very manual operation and my father would always comment on all the paper we used in the office.

But then came computers, software and other technology that helped advance the business and maximize the overall efficiency of the company. Today, Frey & Weiss uses a paperless system, digital manufacturing software, PROSHOP, and other advanced systems that help us continue to provide exceptional service to our customers.

I have been very fortunate and happy to work with my father and with my twin sister Susan for so many years, and am extremely proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I’ve personally witnessed this company grow and accomplish great things. My children, Donald, Dan and Jessica now work for Frey & Weiss as well, and this is gives me motivation and inspiration for the future of Frey & Weiss.